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For the half of the world that is located in the Northern hemisphere, winter is well on the way. Whether you dread the snow and mourn the end of hot, sunny summer days and leaf-litter kicking on relaxed autumnal strolls, or celebrate your favorite season with a fresh parka, knee socks, skiing and hot cocoa – winter is here to stay, for three months of the year at least.

However, with the works of colder weather, lower temperatures, wind, rain, hail, and snow – this isn’t the favorite season for our skin.

So, to combat the feeling of ‘winter skin’ and dry, chapped lips – we have 5 lip balms and 5 moisturizing creams which are 100% vegan and cruelty-free (plus super good for you).

10 Vegan Lip Balms and Moisturizing Creams for Winter Skin

1. Hurraw Balms

With 24 delicious flavors to choose from, it’s a bit too easy to get addicted to online shopping with Hurraw Balms. They are organic, raw, cold-pressed, vegan, and provide extreme lip nourishment.

Find this product here.

2. Cactus and Kale Oil Recovery Lotion by Pacifica

This lotion “brings life back into dehydrated, stressed skin. This weightless formula is infused with natural cactus and kale along with anti-inflammatory extracts that can aid in soothing and calming.” Perfect for use on all skin types.

Find this product here.

3. Cannasmack lip balms

Albeit a controversial option, these hemp-infused, cruelty-free lip balms have two vegan-friendly options: Plain Mary Jane and Wild Orange Crush.

Find this product here.

4. Imperialis by Lush

This luscious cream is designed for all skin types to ease and soothe any irritations. With the lavender and orange blossom water ingredients – you’re bound to be smelling sweet all day.

Find this product here.

5. Lush Lip Balms

Lush is a company beloved by many across the globe, their 6-strong range of lovely vegan lip balms included. (The buttered brazils is very hydrating, especially in winter!)

Find this product here.

6. Vegan Facial Moisturizer by Just the Goods

Just The Goods says “our goal when creating a moisturizing lotion was to balance healthier choices and affordability.” So using naturally nourishing ingredients, they have achieved that just.

Find this product here.

7. Crazy Rumours Lip Balms

With all your favorite beverages, flavors, seasons and more to choose from – as you will quickly find out, one is never enough. Plus, they’re made from all-natural ingredients, what more could you want?

Find this product here.

8. Skin Care Moisturizing Cream by SW Basics

As this is a very rich cream, it sinks deep into the skin and stays there for extra nourishment and repair – however, it won’t clog pores. It’s 100% vegan, made from natural and organic ingredients and has a fun colour.

Find this product here.

9. Booda Butter Lip Balms

This product is helpfully “designed with lips in mind and for your travel needs, as it fits perfectly in pockets!” Plus, “Booda Butter (Naked Lip Balm) uses gentle, yet powerful ingredients found only in nature to provide lasting moisture for dry, chapped lips, and other spots that might need a little love on the go. Goes on with a smooth glide and men love it too! Simple, effective and naturally naked.” 

Find this product here.

10. Revitalizing Wheat Germ Vitamin E Hand & Body Lotion by Jason

Even the most sensitive skin types will love this hypo-allergenic product, which is unscented and excellent at restoring damaged or dry skin.

Find this product here.

Image Credit: Bumble Bar