Creamy Vegan 4-Layer Mexican Dip
Dunk your chips into this vegan four-layer dip.

Creamy Vegan 4-Layer Mexican Dip

This vegan Mexican dip features four creamy layers. The dairy-free dip recipe is sure to be a hit at your next barbecue cookout.

Make this creamy four-layer Mexican-inspired dip for your next cookout.

I’d always thought dips were a bit of a cop-out. I’ve been to many potluck meals where there is an abundance of chips and hummus. But there’s not much else for anyone plant-based. And you usually come away feeling hungry because it’s just not enough food. This was until I discovered a beautiful little restaurant. It had the most delicious five-layer dip on its menu. The amazing thing about this dip was that the combination of layers meant it was like a full meal. I never found out what was in it. But it was so tasty and satisfying that I promised I’d try and recreate it myself. The result is this delicious four-Layer Vegan Dip! As the heat of summer is here it seems like the perfect time to share a no-cooking recipe.

If you’ve been following along for a while you’ll know that I love collaborating with local vegan-friendly businesses. I was lucky enough recently to meet the lovely Andrea of Solecito Foods. Andrea’s family in Vancouver BC makes these salsas locally. They combine fresh high-quality ingredients with authentically Mexican recipes. I didn’t think I was a big salsa fan. After trying their Salsa Roja, however, I was proved wrong! It’s absolutely delicious. And I’ve found myself craving it ever since. It contains no sugar and is naturally vegan and gluten-free. This salsa tastes fantastic in almost any dish. This is because the flavors are abundant but not overwhelming.

The recipe for this four-Layer Vegan Dip combines Solecito’s Salsa Roja with some of my favourite Mexican-inspired ingredients, such as avocados and black beans. It’s so filling you could eat it as a meal on its own. If you can’t get hold of Solecito Salsas in your part of the world never fear, a pot of your favourite salsa will do (almost) as well!

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This recipe was republished with permission from Vancouver With Love.