Authentic Vegan Middle-Eastern Vegan Millet and Nut Pilaf With Lemon, Mint, and Yogurt Sauce

Dig into a fresh and light alternative to traditional risotto.

Warm rice dishes are the perfect go-to this time of year. They’re soothing and pair well with a number of sides, salads, and wines.

While you could use rice here, too, as is traditional for a risotto or pilaf, this simple tasty dish is a nice way to use up millet, a much underrated, nutritious and gluten-free whole grain.

Millet is a staple grain throughout the planet, especially in Asian and African cuisine. It’s nutty, like a good brown rice but cooks up in less time. Millet doesn’t have the “independence” of rice and can smoosh together quite a bit. But that’s exactly what you want in a dish like this, so let it do it’s thing.

Both millet and peas provide useful sources of protein and iron and the nuts add fat and more protein. Enjoy!

This recipe was republished with permission from Viva! Vegan Recipe Club.

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