Vegan Pepperoni Now at Pizza Hut UK
Pizza Hut UK has vegan pepperoni for a limited time.
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You can now get vegan pepperoni pizza at all Pizza Hut UK locations.

The new “Pepperphoni” slices are made from pea protein. The pizza also comes topped with vegan cheese from Violife. This marks the seventh vegan pizza to join Pizza Hut UK’s dedicated menu. But it may not be around for long. It’s being launched as part of a limited-time offer for January’s “Veganuary” campaign.

‘Pepperphoni’ is made from pea protein. | Pizza Hut

Is the ‘Pepperphoni’ Pizza Permanent?

Last January, Pizza Hut UK introduced the limited-edition Jack ‘N’ Ch**se Pizza. But, due to strong sales, the restaurant added the pizza to the permanent menu.

“Following the success of our vegan Jack ‘N’ Ch**se Pizza last Veganuary, we wanted to create something new for 2020 to excite both vegan and non-vegan customers,” said Ciara Grace, Senior Menu Innovation Manager at Pizza Hut Restaurants.

She continued, “We strive to offer our guests as much choice as possible and love coming up with new, delicious recipes for them to try. Pea protein is a first for Pizza Hut Restaurants and we’re excited for guests to give it a go.”

Vegan at Pizza Hut UK

Vegan cheese was first introduced to Pizza Hut UK locations in 2017. The chain now has an extensive vegan menu, responding to increased customer demand. Last February, it introduced a three-course vegan menu featuring four new pizzas, appetizers, and desserts. Vegan. In October, the restaurant launched more options, including vegan chicken nuggets and biscuit and caramel cheesecake — plus, a mushroom-topped pizza.

UK Pizza Hut restaurants aren’t alone in serving up vegan food. Australian locations recently added vegan cheese, made by local brand Dairy Free Down Under, to all locations after an initial trial in May 2018.

“We believe everyone should be able to share good times and enjoy a mutual love for pizza,” Pizza Hut chief marketing officer Chet Patel said in a statement. “We’ve been doing it for almost 50 years, so instead of calling those who choose to be vegan out, we’re calling them in.”

Pizza Hut UK’s new vegan pepperoni pizzas are available at all 254 locations for the month of January.

Vegan Pepperoni Now at Pizza Hut UK
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Vegan Pepperoni Now at Pizza Hut UK
You can now get vegan pepperoni pizza at all 254 Pizza Hut UK restaurants; the new pizza is topped with pea protein-based pepperoni and Violife cheese.
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