If you’re wanting the dirt on Vitamin B12 – here’s the low-down. While a deficiency in B12 is a consistent point of concern when someone mentions their vegan or vegetarian diet – the truth is plainly simple – anyone can get a deficiency in Vitamin B12, sometimes this has more to do with genetics than diet. Did you know 40% of the US population is deficient in this nutrient?

Now, this doesn’t mean y’all should stop washing veggies by eating literal dirt (wouldn’t that just fuel stereotypes!). To be on the safe side, most people should seriously consider taking a vegan Vitamin B12 supplement, eating a balanced and nutritious diet or getting injectable supplements. You do you, but as Vitamin B12 plays such a crucial role in bodily functions, this isn’t a matter to be taken lightly.

As a secondary source of said nutrient, consuming Vitamin B12 through your diet is easier than it may seem – try these 11 plant-based recipes.

11 Vegan Recipes Packed Full of Vitamin B12

1. Raw Cashew ‘Cream Cheese’

Use fortified nutritional yeast to tick both the nutrition and desirable flavor boxes.

Get the recipe here.

2. Mini Calzones

Made with red cabbage, corn, tofu, and peas – these vegan mini calzones taste amazing and have 11.7% of the average daily RDI.

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3. Marmite and Chilli Quarterpounder

Including prep and cook time, these burgers are made in only 40 minutes! As Marmite is fortified with Vitamin B12 – this recipe is the perfect nutritious end to any day.

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4. Spinach, Sweet Potato, and Tofu Scramble

This recipe has almost half the average daily RDI of Vitamin B12 – which basically sounds like the perfect reason to make this twice a day, every day, right?

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5. Five-Minute Hot Cocoa

Use a plant-based milk that is fortified with Vitamin B12 (not all are so it pays to check) and sneak that extra bit into your diet.

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6. Superfood Chocolate Sauce

Has something so good for you ever tasted so indulgent?

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7. Cashew Nut, Pineapple, and Tempeh Fried Rice

The whole family can enjoy this one.

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8. Vegan Walnut, Sage & Cranberry Stuffed Mushrooms

Cremini mushrooms are an overlooked source of Vitamin B12 – so pack them into your weekly diet.

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9. Bangers and Mash (with a twist)

Use a fortified meat substitute such as Tofurky’s Italian Original Sausage to make this banging recipe for dinner.

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10. Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cheerios Bars

Cheerios are vegan-friendly and have a decent amount of Vitamin B12 – however, to make this recipe 100% vegan, use brown rice syrup instead of honey, as suggested.

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11. Chia Pudding with Minty Spirulina Smoothie

Not only do these take your insta feed to the next level, spirulina is a great source of Vitamin B12 and has that unmissably vibrant color to go with it.

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