Actress and designer, Tabitha Brown, has caused a run on a vegan sandwich in Whole Foods Markets across the US after she shared a video of herself eating the sandwich and exclaiming her love for it.

This is not a drill. The actress has officially caused distribution to be expanded for the sandwich in question, the TTLA (tempeh, tomato, lettuce and avocado) and caused #TTLAchallenge to begin trending.

In the video Brown enthuses, ‘whoever thought of this?! Right now we all together wanna pray for you!…what you’ve done in this sandwich, y’all gonna set souls on fire!’ The star goes on to encourage people watching to give the sandwich a go themselves, she says, ‘if you’ve got a Whole Foods by you, go to their deli, ask for this TTLA (and a pickle) and watch your life change. Honey, I’m looking around and stuff looks different. That’s how good it is.’

The reaction to the video just goes to show how open to veganism many people are in the US and across the world at the moment. The video (posted in December) has now received over 1 million views and has caused many to rush out to give the TTLA a try for themselves.

Speaking to VegNews, Brown said of her new vegan lifestyle, ‘I absolutely love animals, but I can’t deny that only five short months ago I was eating them. So, I guess what I can say is, the more people who are willing to try the TTLA, the more animals are saved in that moment.’

She added, ‘my favourite part about being vegan is the fun of discovering new things to eat and I think if more people know that, they will be willing to try it.’

Image Credit: Tabitha Brown | Whole Foods Market